The Collectors

Founder: Thriton
Current Leader: Thriton
Status/Location: Active. Headquartered in Gronge Flats.
Emblem/Standard: None.
Motto/Warcry: None.
Objective: Group of elite bounty hunters.
Notable Living Members: Nyss, Osaya, Ashmos.
Notes: Recently famous for slaying high-profile mass murderer Tiegel the Immortal, then for capturing him again once his resurrection was made known.


Founder: Den
Current Leader: Den
Status/Location: Headquartered in Nebo Forest in Oran, in a state of war against the Orani Tengu.
Emblem/Standard: yellow lightning bolt atop a yellow horseshoe against red
Motto/Warcry: “Death to the tengu!”
Objective: To drive the tengu from Oran permanently.
Notable Living Members:
Notes: Crossblade members are all centaurs near Nebo Forest. They are known for using spears.

The Demon Chasers

Founder: Hikude of the Eleven
Current Leader: Marchioness Fukura
Status/Location: Active primarily near the Black March in northwestern Unfael. Headquartered in Fort Linwall.
Emblem/Standard: A white demon-winged naginata against black.
Motto/Warcry: “Demons will know no rest.”
Objective: To protect the land from demonic threat.
Notable Living Members: Commander Iato, Major Qhaenorra.
Notes: Known for favoring naginatas as a primary weapon, thought to be advantageous for fighting flying demons.

The Eleven Legendary Heroes

Founder: N/A
Current Leader: None.
Status/Location: Defunct.
Emblem/Standard: None.
Motto/Warcry: “For the good of the land!”
Objective: To unite the land and repel the evil outsiders during the War for Ni’yos.
Notable Living Members: Ollin, human monk – location unknown. Ren Willbender, human wizard – Gronge Flats Council Chairman. Sakkron, elf druid – Chancellor of the city of Yaara Eska.
Notes: According to Iato of the Demon Chasers, Ren Willbender is “under the influence of magical coercion.”

Red Pommel

Current Leader:
Status/Location: Active. A permanent station in Granseal. Headquartered in Port Bellwyn in Thaerynd.
Emblem/Standard: a red downwards-pointing sword pommel & hilt on black
Motto/Warcry: None.
Objective: Mercenary group.
Notable Living Members:
Notes: Known for letting Tiegel the Immortal escape capture in Port Bellwyn. Also known for hiring on with the Thaerynd Empire to assist the refugees created by the Bright Favor incident.

The Shadow Forum

Founder: ??
Current Leader: ??
Status/Location: Members recently spotted in Oran.
Emblem/Standard: A cloud containing a downwards-looking flaming eyeball.
Motto/Warcry: ??
Objective: ??
Notable Living Members: Varrun.


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