Lost Years – ???

Dark Mountain 1000 – An evil cosmic magic obliterates the dwarf-settled land of Ushil Kalur. An extraplanar portal styled “Hellmaw” is said to have been observed near the center. Outsider forces lay siege to the dwarf fortifications whose magic defenses held out against the so-called cosmic magic.

Dark Mountain 1001 – Evil outsiders eliminate the remaining Ushil Kalur dwarf nations. Outsider incursions appear on the coastlines of the mainland.

Dark Mountain 1002 – At Fort Linwall, a dwarf general known as Garik Windhammer famously leads the defense against a vast regiment of outsiders, ending the battle with a heroic desperation sortie against the enemy rear lines, slaying the commander and routing the superior enemy force. Word of the famous victory spreads and bolsters morale throughout the land.

Dark Mountain 1003 – A council of eleven Unfael generals of various nations, including Garik Windhammer, convene at Fort Linwall, and after a few days of deliberation they resolve to unite armies. The Archivist Guild later styles the generals “The Eleven Legendary Heroes”.

Dark Mountain 1007 – The Eleven Legendary Heroes destroy the extraplanar portal Hellmaw, thereby ending the outsider invasion, though the means of victory are unknown. The majority of the Eleven, along with their armies, are fallen or lost in the final battle, including Garik Windhammer. On Iadra Isle, home to Garik Windhammer, various city-state rulers declare the island to now be known as Windhammer Isle. End of Dark Mountain. Daybreak 1 begins.

Daybreak 50 – A fleet of Rogaaxan orc ships invade Windhammer Isle for unclear reasons. Magic-infused rations known as “Bright Favor” are revealed to have been significantly empowering the Thaerynd army all along. The sudden destruction of the rations’ source leaves the Thaerynd army disabled and debilitated with a magic-induced, psychotic rage, and it begins attacking innocent Thaeryndans and burning buildings with abandon. Hostile royal Hekrashi fleet ships are seen near Thaeryndan coastal cities for the first time in a century.


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