Common Military Ranking (Humans)

(Format: Land (Naval equivalent).)
Private (Seaman)
Lieutenant (Ensign)
Captain (Lieutenant)
Colonel (Captain)
Brigadier (Commodore)
General (Admiral)
Marshal (Grand Admiral)

Common Nobility Ranking (Humans)

Ambassador/Diplomat (“your excellency” or “excellence”)

Seneschal/Steward/Stewardess (“Mr./Ms.”) – in the service of a knight
Knight (“sir”) – holds a house, sometimes has peasants / stewards in service
Baron/Baroness (“my lord/lady”) – holds a manor or small plot of land
Count/Countess – holds a county
Marquess/Marchioness – holds a county near the border
Prince/Princess (“your highness”)
Sovereign Price/Princess (“your grace”) – holds a duchy
Duke/Duchess – holds a duchy
King/Queen (“your majesty”)
Emperor/Empress (“his imperial majesty”)

Ecclesiastical Ranking

Parish (contained in) Diocese (or Archdiocese status conferred by size or historical significance) < Continental Polity < Ni’yos Polity

Acolyte (laymen assistants) – “brother/sister”
Deacon – Apostle (messenger, local disseminator) – “deacon/reverend”
Priest (churchbound clerics and monks are considered as priests not directly working for a church) – “father/mother” or “reverend”
Bishop (at least 4th level; govern diocese or in some cases independent, isolated churches) – “excellency”
Archbishop (at least 6th level; govern more prominent diocese)
Patriarch/Matriarch/Cardinal (at least 8th level; styled ex. Unfael Patriarch of Darimus) (prince of the sovereign church, not always a bishop) – “your eminence”
Prophet (at least 10th level; supreme religious authority for given deity) – “your holiness”


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