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“Though many in the land look to me for guidance, I have less, not more, to give as time marches on. The outsiders have subdued us. They have crushed and scattered the old heroes. Our leaders grow quarrelsome and wary of alliances. They seek me out in desperation, but they listen only to what they wish to hear.”

-Vyrndae, cloud giant sage

The Land of Dark Dreams

Unfael is a dying land rife with war, disease, and hatred. But it wasn’t always so. A mere half century ago, its denizens banded together in the face of a great outsider incursion known as the War for Unfael. Men, abrim with fierce battle cries and blazing spirits of glory, expelled the invaders back to the hellish pits from whence they came.

The old ways, however, soon set in once again—the old ways, that is, of the famously quarrelsome lords of Unfael. Those who had called each other “brother” mere decades ago soon became prey to suspicion and prejudice.

Now, in the present, war has cast its horrible shadow over the land once again—this time, however, the enemy lies not with outsiders, but within—with neighbors and brothers.

An air of hopelessness abounds, and it has attracted all manner of malignities. Daybreak may be in sight, however, in the form of heroes and crusaders, who have stepped up to exercise justice in the world and to answer the call to adventure. Do they alone possess the ability to unite and heal the land, or will Unfael tumble ever deeper into disorder?

Home Page

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