Lawful Good – God of Solidarity
Aliases: The Allwarden
Emblem: a gleaming shield
Associated traits: chivalry, heroism, protecting the weak
Favored weapon: longsword, greatsword
Domains: law, good, healing, strength, protection, sun, creation

Neutral Good – God of Discipline
Aliases: The Soldier, The Tireless One
Emblem: a crossed hammer & sword atop a circle
Associated traits: industry, intensity, martial prowess, endurance
Favored weapon: halberd, bastard sword
Domains: good, war, strength, protection, madness

Chaotic Good – God of Abolishment
Aliases: The Liberator
Emblem: a rapier atop a starburst
Associated traits: revolution, independence, free-spiritedness
Favored weapon: rapier, longbow
Domains: good, war, trickery, chaos, luck

Lawful Neutral – God of Judgment
Aliases: The Iron Judge
Emblem: an upright iron fist grasping a warhammer
Associated traits: impartiality, retribution, inflexibility
Favored weapon: mace, warhammer
Domains: law, magic, knowledge, death, mind, cold

Neutral – God of Balance
Aliases: The Graceful One, Bringer of Bounties
Emblem: a diamond containing a starburst
Associated traits: equality, love, respect for nature
Favored weapon: club, spear
Domains: air, animal, water, fire, earth, plant, weather, creation

Chaotic Neutral – God of Freedom
Aliases: The Horizon Seeker, The Eternal Traveler
Emblem: a white path vertically bisecting a dark circle
Associated traits: wanderlust, curiosity, isolation
Favored weapon: quarterstaff
Domains: travel, luck, trickery, chaos

Lawful Evil – God of Punishment
Aliases: Death, Breathstealer, The Dark Bearer
Emblem: a circle containing an X
Associated traits: apathy, revenge, cruelty
Favored weapon: morningstar, scythe
Domains: law, evil, death, magic, mind, destruction, cold

Neutral Evil – God of Torment
Aliases: The Laughing Sadist, The Overlord
Emblem: a dagger-pierced eyeball
Associated traits: debilitation, insanity, pain, sickness, coercion
Favored weapon: dagger, flail, whip
Domains: evil, pestilence, trickery, dream, madness

Chaotic Evil – God of Annihilation
Aliases: The Bloodspiller, The Tyrant
Emblem: a chained hand wielding a greataxe
Associated traits: power, ruthlessness, anger, warfare, slavery
Favored weapon: battleaxe, greataxe
Domains: evil, chaos, destruction, war, strength, hatred


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