Land of Dark Dreams

Agnor: Gronge Flats

Agnor and party travelled across Windhammer Isle in order to reach the port city on the island’s eastern coast. On his way, he met a company of Demon Chasers led by Commander Iato. On the grounds that Iato needed a powerful guerilla force and his company was currently at low strength, he decided to temporarily recruit Agnor and party into his ranks in order to complete some Demon Chaser business in Gronge Flats, a magocratic city-state. In return for Agnor’s assistance, they were to be rewarded handsomely and given passage off the besieged island.

Agnor and party were to enter a transdimensional vault and retrieve a relic known as the Stone of the Starry Sky. The Demon Chasers were to infilitrate the Gronge Flats Council chambers and contact Ren Willbender, a former member of the Eleven Legendary Heroes.

Agnor and party found and entered the Vault, which was an otherworldly, crystalline place filled with strange creatures with mirrored bodies. Eventually they spoke with a golem at the end of the vault, and it pleaded with the PCs to not remove the stone, as doing so could lead to disaster for Ni’yos as a whole.

Just after hearing the golem’s plea, a floating magic user appeared, who had a dagger-pierced eyeball tatooed on his forehead. He called himself Elmodan and claimed that the Demon Chasers were not to be trusted with the Stone and that Iato and his ilk were driven by ulterior motives. He claimed that only his organization could safeguard the relic properly and asked that Agnor and party betray the Demon Chasers and hand over the relic to him.

Party member Dolieo appeared to be in agreement, but the remaining party members were not and attacked Elmodan, who fled.

Agnor and party exited the vault, and immediately upon doing so, the entire city of Gronge Flats became transparent and then eventually disappeared completely. They met back up with Commander Iato, who provided them with the promised gold reward in return for the relic. Iato noted that they were unable to recruit Ren willbender, who was by his account “seeming to be under the influence of magic-based coercion.”

Dolieo became suspicious of Iato and began to ask him questions regarding the Stone of the Starry Sky. Iato became curt with the brash young paladin and declined to answer his questions.

As promised, Agnor and party went with the Demon Chasers on their ship, and Iato transported them to the nearby island of Dhun in order to address Vyrndae, the cloud giant sage.



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