Land of Dark Dreams

Tiegel: Resurrection

Tiegel rises from the grave. He is confused as to why anyone would expend such effort and expense in restoring his life, but regardless, he is met by a mysterious hooded man and Qhaenorra, who was thought to be dead. The man casts quest on Tiegel – the objective: gather a set of four artifacts known as the “Cosmic Stones” and return them to him on a location to be disclosed later – and failure to do so would mean death by the quest. Not wishing to die at Tiegel’s hand, since it is not explicitly stated in the quest that such an act is not allowed, the hooded man and Qhaenorra leave before Noodle Nighthawk could arrive.

In short order, Tiegel is reunited with Noodle. They go about their business, heading for Marshton, when the timely arrival of Skeledi’s tumor companion interrupts them as Noodle’s hawk companion spots it and brings it to them. The tumor explains the story of Skeledi and Kalanak, which Tiegel is uninterested in – until a Cosmic Stone is mentioned, at which point Tiegel asks more. The tumor relates that more information will be given at such a time when Skeledi and Kalanak are returned to saftey. After uneventfully collecting his armor from Marshton Museum and stealing two horses, the two make their way towards the Windhammer City ruins.

The many guards at Windhammer Ruins fall quickly to Noodle’s arrows. Noodle’s hawk reports several riders on the horizon about three miles away. With haste, Tiegel summons Skeledi and Kalanak from their hiding place, and with two of the guards’ horses, they begin their travel to Port Newstark, in the hopes of finding a way off Windhammer Isle and the advancing orc army with the ultimate goal of sailing to Dhun to consult the cloud giant sage Vyrndae.



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