Land of Dark Dreams

Tiegel: Port Bellwyn

The Collectors arrive at Port Bellwyn and bring their prisoners, Tiegel and Noodle, to Guild Hold, a multiguild building donated by the larger Collector organization. It houses many different guilds but the dungeon wing is reserved. Tiegel and Noodle are taken to one such dungeon and locked up after being stripped of all items.

One Collector guard is left on duty at all times. The imprisonment is uneventful except for a few exchanges of blows between Osaya-Ashmos and Tiegel-Noodle.

Eventually, Nyss walks in and takes Ashmos, the guard at the time, with her, as there is some trouble brewing outside. Soon after, four men with burned scalps and black leather armor walk in. They explain that they are part of a cult known as Tiegel’s Believers, which formed in recognition of Tiegel’s infamous exploits on Windhammer – now including the defeat of the Legendary Hero, Taemaris. The cultists inform Tiegel and Noodle that the Collectors are in the middle of a heated discourse with Red Pommel, a mercenary guild – it seems that Red Pommel is trying to bully the Collectors into sharing Tiegel’s reinstated bounty, to which the Collectors are replying that Tiegel is not here for the bounty. Additionally, they inform Tiegel that the party’s gear is being held somewhere in Bellwyn Keep, which is very near their present position. Anyway, at Tiegel’s request, two of the cultists srip naked, giving Noodle and Tiegel their armor and daggers, and replace the heroes in their cells.

Tiegel, Noodle, and the two cultists, unhindered by the other bystanders sharing the main guild hall, peek outside and confirm that the Collectors are indeed preoccupied with Red Pommel. There are about 15-20 Red Pommels, all well-armed with red splashes of their red-sword-hilt insignia decorating their armor, arguing with the Collectors. Suddenly, battle is joined between the two parties. Tiegel and party walk out the door, but Nyss notices them; however, she is unable to acquire the attention of her comrades, so she leaves the fight and chases after the four herself, unafraid at the sight of Noodle and Tiegel so lightly armed. She blocks their path to Castle Bellwyn with an ice wall. The two cultists charge her, but she dispatches them both with just magic missile. Noodle and Tiegel flee, but Tiegel becomes caught in her hold monster and Noodle in her Otiluke’s resilient sphere. She tells them that she will be back shortly, and that they will suffer greatly as soon as Red Pommel is dealt with – and with that she leaves to rejoin her friends.

After a minute or so, hold monster ends without Nyss returning. However, the duration on the sphere is much longer and Noodle is still trapped. Pledging to return for Noodle, Tiegel reluctantly runs. He cannot take the normal route to the Keep because of the continued presence of the ice wall, so he is forced to swim around. He encounters the outer castle walls along the coast, and after a frustrating ten minutes of falling into the water eventually manages to span it. Once inside, he then attempts to climb the inner wall but after falling and injuring himself on solid ground once, decides to charge the entrance.

Tiegel dispatches the first two guards easily, and takes a shield and longsword from one of them. However, the team of eight royal guards inside become alerted at the noisy exchange outside, and these particular guards are extremely well-trained and -armed. They encircle Tiegel, and after a long and bloody fight, Tiegel finally succumbs, unable to contest them without his usual powerful items. The Collectors, who at length see victory over the band of Red Pommels, are notified, but when they arrive at Bellwyn Keep they are too late to save their valuable prisoner. Tiegel is dead.



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