Land of Dark Dreams

Skeledi: Overlord Summit

Skeledi, having sold his soul to the demon Nnairefaezar in exchange for his life, is forced to follow the demon’s orders. He joins 5th Company of Marshlands Battalion and marches to reinforce Overlord Summit, which is expected to be subject to invasion from the orcs soon.

Skeledi becomes honored as a hero when he defeats an orcish ambush segment stationed at a mountain pass called the Gauntlet – it was the only route to Overlord Summit from the rest of the island. Skeledi and a handful of companions survived; however, the entire remainder of 5th Company was wiped out. Skeledi earns a promotion to Sergeant in the Windhammer General Military.

The Unfael fleet intercepts the orcish armada. However, a mysterious weapon slays Shogras, the Champion of Unfael, consuming him in a flash of light. His death was so demoralizing to the reinforcements that they immediately carry out a full retreat. The Overlord Summit dwarves, knowing that those reinforcements were their only chance at survival, lose all hope.

Meanwhile, the demonic influence on Skeledi gets out of hand. Dreams torment him night after night, and they present trials to him. The failure of these trials meant physical exhaustion during the day, and eventually, a physical manifestation became apparent – the beginning growths of fiendish horns. After several failures, he finally solves his first task, but the dreams took a severe toll of the mind – waiting out a dream state for four years is not something any man could survive with their sanity left intact.

The dwarves commission Skeledi to solve a mystery, which needed to be solved before the orcish invasion arrived. A dwarf had robbed the royal vault of a “portal key”, whose significance was lost on Skeledi. With torture facilities at hand (which Skeledi makes generous use of), Skeledi solves the case with only a day remaining on the clock.



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