Land of Dark Dreams

Agnor: Unfael in Chaos

Vyrndae advised the heroes that the object was an extraplanar artifact, and that she would have paid them a hundred times the amount the Demon Chaser Iato paid them for it. The party asked how to cure Bright Favor addiction, and she said that a certain High Priest in Unfael is familiar with the effects and would be able to help.

The party made their way to Highgate, the capital of Thaerynd. The guards were not letting anyone in the city gates. Dolieo attempted to diguise himself as a Thaerynd soldier, but he was caught by the guards when he couldn’t answer simple questions. He was arrested and sent to prison.

The rest of the party managed to sneak in over the wall. They attempted to rescue Dolieo but were unsuccessful. Dolieo was caught and hung. It was also discovered that Agnor had a bounty on his head for a large amount of gold.

During the party’s stay, Bright Favor sickness kicked in, and sickened guards began attacking people. Many fled the city, including the party.

In time, the party made their way past the border of Thaerynd into Oran, but eventually, some Will-o’-the-Wisps lured Agnor into a trap, and then Agnor died.



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